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Balance for fall prevention & mobility


I teach balance principles with the approach of having 4 critical points.  These 4 comprise the physical and mental base on which everything else builds.

  1. Intention: where are you moving to and what needs to move

  2. Strength: to hold balance through the movement

  3. Alignment: are your parts maintaining position, and moving as an integrated unit

  4. Attention: are you focused on your movement


This walking that we take for granted seems simple, however the 4 points above directly involve the next 4 aspects of keeping upright and balanced.

  1. Posture

  2. Centering

  3. Shifting

  4. Stepping


The purpose of this program is to teach how to implement the 4 critical points into the 4 aspects of balanced movement, and building skills through simple, comprehensive, and effective body movement methodology.

TaiGong Form - 12 Video course: $240

TaiGong Form  - Pre-recorded classes coming this fall


My first sensei taught me this form in 1995 and I fell in love with it. Since then, I have not seen it taught by anyone else. It is my honor to teach it.

This form is a flowing mix of Tai Chi and Qigong movements working balance, strength, and coordination, all performed in the slow, controlled meditative Qigong style.

I am a stickler for timing and patterns, coordinating with breathing, and find this TaiGong form offers all of what you could expect of these elements.

Containing three sections, each with a good number of position changes, this form is great for working on transitions between gentle flow and static strength holds.

The lessons are taught in a series of levels, one building upon the preceding.  Each movement is meant to build a specific skill in strength, awareness and mind body connection that will carry through each movement in the course, expanding the skills as it goes.


If the movements seem overly simplified, it is by intention. They are geared to start at ground zero and develop a balanced movement model that will carry you everywhere you take a step.

This TaiGong set is taught through a series of 12 videos covering the major movements and transition points. Course videos will be made available monthly,  giving you time to familiarize and practice the movements in a dedicated fashion. 


Level one covers the form basics to learn, practice and become comfortable with the positions, transitions and flow.

Level two will dive into the breathing, energy aspects and nuances of the movements.  Level two requires level one study

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