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The perfect mind body exercise
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Centuries old, Qigong (Chi Gong) has been practiced by those seeking to improve their physical, mental and spiritual well being with well documented results.

Developed as an integral part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong was kept secret for thousands of years. It is now spreading to the west and in the last few years has begun to become more widely known and accepted by the medical community as a wellness modality.


Qigong is all about internal health, physical and mental wellness, mindfulness and personal growth. 


In my years of practice I have developed a style of learning for myself and of teaching that I call Casual Qigong. My ways focus on feeling and connecting to the body, personal comfort during practice and building capabilities, relaxation and lifestyle integration of techniques and skills.

My style and methods are based on traditional principles of many different arts, with the overall emphasis from Qigong, yet not so much on traditional models of Qigong instruction, although it is based on them. 

I welcome you to look around this site to learn more about what I do and what I offer in my teaching. Hopefully you will find my Casual Qigong style to be what you are looking for.

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