Virtual Classes  (all times are EST)

Monday 9am Breathing

Monday 7pm Breathing

These are weekly 15 minute group Zoom mini classes.

Cost: $5 /class

Each week we will be practicing random Qigong form movements and individual Qigong breathing and relaxation movements to start off our week.

We may do some seated work, however most of the work will be standing Qigong

Tuesday 1pm Balance

These are weekly group 30 minute Zoom classes.

Cost: $10 /class

Each week we will be practicing random Tai Chi inspired movements for building balance, spatial awareness, core and leg strength for fall prevention and improved movement control.

We may do some seated leg work, however most of the work will be standing.

Zoom TaiGong Class 

This is a 12 week, 10 am (EST), Tuesday morning, group Zoom class.

Start Date:  8/18/20

Cost: Pick between $10 - $20 /class

Containing three sections, each with a good number of position changes, this form is great for working on transitions between gentle flow and static strength holds.   We will also be practicing random Qigong movements and breath work.

Read more about this form here.

Online Classes for Organizations

Zoom is the new Go To for group classes.

Folks seem to love the front of the room view with the privacy and convenience and comfort of being at home and out of view of others.   I have been providing Zoom  group classes for libraries, senior centers, and group homes. 

Classes via Zoom are based on your audience, so, chair based, standing, balance work, eye-hand coordination, Casual Qigong or a mix of all are possibilities.

Contact me discuss how we can make Zoom ChiForLiving and Casual Qigong classes work for your needs.

Private Training

Private sessions are the best way to learn my methodology and move past the "follow me" practice of online video.

Although I do my best to give detailed instruction in video, seeing a student in action allows for correction and more refined coaching.  One - on - one sessions are via video chat at $45/session

There are techniques and principles that are the core of what I teach, which when implemented enhance the benefits of quality of your practice. 


You will find these core skills carry across most movements.

I am passionate about balance, and I have developed a system of building balance and controlled stepping using Tai Chi and Qigong principles that apply to my courses and every day living activities.

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